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So, today was the last day of school.  What better time than today to hand out awards and Little Debbie treats?!?!

As any student (who has taken a D.A. class) can tell you, help points are a big reason why students succeed in D.A.  Students-teaching-other-students is one of the main components to the learning environment in the D.A. classroom.  Our goal is for no student to be left without help, or assistance, to resolve a specific step, or to make a certain edit. 

Here is a complete list of the 2011/2012 D.A. HELP POINT LEADERS:

1st QUARTER/8TH GRADE:  Jacon Pittman & Lilith Saylor

2nd QUARTER/7TH GRADE: Hayden Seeger & Olivia Bernardini

3rd QUARTER/8TH GRADE: Martin Schram & L.A. Zenezini

4th QUARTER/7TH GRADE: Emily Ferguson/Mackenzie McNeil/Gus Haffner

Hayden Seeger

Olivia Bernardini (left) with a little help from Courtney Dunning (right)

Emily Ferguson

Gus Haffner

Mackenzie McNeil

Drew Goheen

Dillion Gabbard

 THANKS, EVERYONE!!!  Have a great summer!