Students and parents can stay updated on current schedule/assignments on this page.  I will provide up-to-date scheduling info as well as assignments that are due.  It is my goal to keep both parents and students as up-to-date as possible throughout the school year.


2nd Quarter-7th Grade

WEEK TWO (Nov.7th-11th)

Monday (November 7th):  Using the same techniques/principles from the Name Logo tutorial, you will create a Gravatar (Globally-recognised avatar).

Each student will use one Name Logo file to upload as his/her first Gravatar.  Each student will need to create a Gravatar account and then upload his/her first image (IT MUST BE A JPEG!).  

Once the file has been uploaded, each student will post a comment in the Open Forum section of the blog.  Once the comment has been approved, each student will receive 10/10 for posting!

Tuesday, November 8th: 

Students will receive both class log in numbers and individual, four-digit codes for logging in to LJ Create modules.

*Each student will need to log in to LJ Create to make sure that their four-digit numbers work.

Begin:  Working with Personal Computers-Hardware and Software module.  Due:  Wednesday, November 9th (31 points).

WEEK ONE (Oct 31st-Nov.4th)

Monday (October 31st):  Course overview.  “This Is Digital Art” presentation.  Review of class blog.

TUESDAY, NOV.1st:  Photoshop introduction, begin Name Logo tutorial.


WEDNESDAY, Nov. 2nd:  Name-logo tutorial, continued.

Review: Name Logo Tutorial

THURSDAY, Nov. 3rd:  Review Name Logo tutorial for Friday evaluation.


EVALUATION:  In-class, Name Logo.  Students will be expected to complete the necessary steps to create a Name Logo in class.

Total Points:  25

If you would like to see more, click on the link below to access the Schedule Archive from the 2010/2011 school year:

Schedule Archive (Microsoft Word)

Schedule Archive (Adobe PDF)

  1. Are you suppose to login to make your avitar at the gravitar place?

  2. Ashley Moulton says:

    Hey I’m looking forward for this year!

  3. charlie7mason says:


  4. mduever12 says:

    ok, this is micaela duever and i’m trying to find out if my avatar works…hopefully it does!!!

  5. mduever12 says:

    YAY!!!! my avatar works!!! i cant believe it actually worked!!!!
    -micaela duever

  6. laxgirl22 says:

    Hey! im supper excited!!! For digital Arts this year! 🙂

    – Hannah Remy

  7. Connor Locke says:

    i am excited about the pictures too!!

  8. Natalie Utt says:

    Are we supposed to edit all of the pictures…. or can we leave some they way they are?

  9. mariah morrow says:

    i chose number 9 because it is very simple but has alot of flavor to it

  10. dominik butler says:

    the number i chose was 4 because it was the best design

  11. mariah morrow says:

    hey guys, im lovin photo shop this year its sooooo awsome, hope 2 have a great year

  12. willhobartcharliemanzler says:

    We made our avatar!

  13. Lilith Saylor says:


  14. Jacob Pittman says:

    hey oh

  15. Jacob Pittman says:

    Photo Shop Spheres pretty cool

  16. jtglaser says:

    Excited for the cleaning season!!!!!!!…. And DA!

  17. lsaylor01 says:

    Can`t wait to do something awesome in Photoshop!!

  18. panthersrule1 says:

    Clorox, Right Here, Right Know! Happy for DA!

  19. jpittman101 says:

    Ready for the da one and only year book composing good luck

  20. mongenaselliott says:

    I think that picture has five faces

  21. 1st picture- 10 faces
    2nd picture- 7 faces

    -Olivia Grifith & Molly Moehring

  22. cameronbyers says:

    I am so excited for photoshop. I am also a bit nervous… Mr. Woolrey seems like a nice teacher though!

  23. chase3718 says:

    digital arts is very cool, its on of the best classes!!!

  24. chase3718 says:

    I am excited to use photoshop this year!!!

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