While Digital Art is a class that most students enjoy, there are certain rules that we all must abide by, in order to provide the best atmosphere for learning:

  1. RESPECT your teacher, and RESPECT each other.  Period.
  2. Do not talk without raising your hand, so you do not disrupt others.
  3. Do not bring any food, gum, or beverages into the Digital Art lab (room 103).  If you have a note from a doctor, indicating that you need to stay hydrated, cool.  Just bring it in.  *students ARE ALLOWED to bring lunch in for DA lab (which starts the second week of school).
  4. ALWAYS return your desk/station to the condition it was in when you entered the room.
  5. ALWAYS return any/all equipment in the condition it was in when you signed it out.
  6. NEVER cheat.  This applies to any/all tests that you take in this class.  Refer to the Mariemont Junior High Student Handbook for the cheating policies.
  7. ALWAYS keep your hands to your self…ALWAYS.
  8. For all other school rules/behavioral policies, refer to the Mariemont Junior High Student Handbook.
  9. LISTENING TO MUSIC.  This is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT.  Music is awesome, we all love it.  Keep it simple:  DO NOT keep your device out on your desk.  DO NOT fiddle around with your phone/music listening device.  Only use it to set up your music.  Otherwise, it will be handed over to the office.

(*if you can’t open the Student Handbook PDF file right away, right-click and “save target as”, and then save the file to a folder.  Once you have done that, you should have the option to “Open.” You can also obtain the handbook from the MJHS website.)

Any violations of the rules above will result in a school-wide detention.  NOTE: I don’t typically need to give student detentions, so don’t be the exception to the rule.


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