The purpose of this page is to post tutorials (PDF, videos) to better assist students with current/furture/past techniques/assignments/etc.


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(*if you can’t open the PDF file right away, right-click and “save target as”, and then save the file to a folder.  Once you have done that, you should have the option to “Open.”  Email Mr. Woolery with any questions.)


Steps for editing your color self-portrait



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  5. covertfaythe says:

    Color Sphere Tutorial
    By Faythe Covert
    1. Make a new file “5”x “5” with a revolution of 150 and name this file Fall Sphere.
    2. Change your foreground color to blue and select the paint bucket tool and click on your background.
    3. Then change your foreground color to green and select the shape tool and create a rounded rectangle. You should have a total of two layers now.
    4. Change your foreground color again to yellow and create one yellow circle and two light orange circles using the shape tool. Create a new layer for each one and make sure to rasterize your layers.
    5. Put the two orange circles positioned BEHIND the yellow circle. Then slightly move the two orange circles up so that you can see and outline on the top of the yellow circle and below the circle.
    6. Once you have moved the two orange circles behind one another with the yellow circle in front select the two orange circles in your layers by pressing down the shift key. Then press control E. Select the magic wand tool and click on the yellow circle. Now select the orange circle and press delete on your key board.
    7. Duplicate your yellow circle three times and name them IN THIS ORDER 3, 2, and lastly 1.
    8. Next you will have to blur the layers you need to place a Gaussian blur on your circles.
    • Orange Outline Gaussian Blur with radius of 5
    • 1 and 2 have a Gaussian blur with a radius of 10
    • 3 has a Gaussian Blur with a radius of 15
    9. In you LAYERS select the green rectangle from your layers and click on the paint brush tool and select the grassy paint brush. Then Change your foreground AND background to green and brown. Paint the entire rectangle.
    10. Next select the paint tool again and select the leaf brush and paint along the grass only a small patch and then go to filter, and select the Ink Outlines and click ok.
    11. Create a the bottom of a tree with the normal paint brush and change the foreground color to brown.
    12. Go to the paint brush tool and select the leaf print brush and create the leafs on the trees.
    13. Now you are going to create a drop shadow with the shape tool select the circle tool and use the paint bucket and turn it black. Place a Gaussian Blur of five.
    14. Lastly select the paint brush tool and click on brush 100. And create a cloud like shape. Create four clouds.
    15. You have just created a Fall Sphere.

  6. Crate and eye ball says:

    Steps to create an Eye ball
    Step 1- Make a new photo shop file 5 by 5 resolution 150
    Step 2- using the shape tool create a circle (DON’T FORGET TO RASTERIZE)
    Step 3- Go into your layers and duplicate “shape one” two more times.
    Step 4-Once you have made the three circles, make two of the three circles the color you want to be the outline of your eye.(by using the paint bucket tool)
    Step 5-Go into your layers and move “shape one” on top of all of our layers
    Step 6-Bring the two colored layers behind the “shape one” circle.(next to “shape one”)
    Step 7- Now would be a go time to save your work and to rename some layers. You would want to name them “circle one, two and three”
    Step 8-Go back into your layers and merge the three circles together. Rename to “circle”.
    Step 9-Make a smaller circle to go into the middle of what you have just made.
    Step 10-Make a small highlight to put into the black circle at the right corner. Rename the Layer Highlight.
    Step 11- Then you want to Gaussian blur the Highlight at a radius of 10.
    Step 12-Now you can make a rectangle to go at the bottom to make the ground.
    Step 13- Merge all layers together but the ground and the background.
    Step 14- Make a gradient to look like the light is shining down on the Shape.
    Step 15- Now step back and look at what you have crated.

  7. Emily says:


    Step 1-First go to File-New. A window will pop up and you want to name this Planet #1(make sure that the dementions are 5in by 5in with a 150 reolution.
    Step 2-Then go to the paint buket tool(or press G)and fill in the backround with the color black.
    Step 3-Then you want to use the shape tool and create a circle of any color.(in your layers you need to right click on the circle and click “rasterize”)
    Step 4-After you do that you want to go back to the shape tool and hold down on it with the mouse and go to custum shape tool.(you want to change your color).
    Step 5-Then you want to click on the on this blob like shape at the top of your tool bar. Then you will see just to the right of that the word “shape”. And next to that a shape. You want to click on the arrow next to that and scroll down and click on the circle.
    Step 6-Then you want to click on your backround and drag to make this ring like shape to be the size that you want it to be. DON’T FORGET TO RASTERIZE!!!!!!!!
    Step 7-After that you want to click on the eraser tool and erase the back of the ring after you have positioned it.
    Step 8- After that you want to go in your layers and click on your ring layer and press the shift button and click on your circle layer. Then you want to rename this layer “planet”.
    Step 9- Then you to zoom in on your planet and use the line tool and create a small green alien. Once you have done that you can make as many as you want to.
    Step 10- Once you have done that then you can aply a texture to your planet. What you need to do is go to filter and select ‘pixelate” then go to “mezzotint”. Once you have done that you have made your planet!

  8. cameronbyers says:

    1. Create a file, 5 by 5 inches at a resolution of 150.
    2. Make a blue background
    3. Create a rectangle shape that Is a darkish green on the bottom
    4. Using the shape tool (U) create an egg like circle and duplicate it 3 times. DON’T FORGET TO RASTERISE!
    5. Change 2 of the white circles pink
    6. Change one of the circles that is still white, a purple.
    7. Make sure that the white circle is above the 2 other circles in the layers.
    8. Make an outline with the 2 pink layers
    9. Once you are satisfied, merge them together by holding down the shift key
    10. Using the magic wand tool (make sure you are on the right layer) click on the CIRCLE
    11. Click on the outline layers that you had merged and press delete.
    12. Click on the eye in the box so the circle will disappear
    13. Look at the outline you made!
    14. Name the layers you merged together pink outline, and the purple circle, egg
    15. Move the pink outline so it fits just inside the egg. On the layers drag it to the top.
    16. Click on the egg layer and duplicate it 3 times
    17. Click on each layer and name it 1, 2, and 3 from bottom to top
    18. Go to each layer and change the 3 duplicated eggs to a darker purple then the original egg.
    19. On the layer called number 3, reset the opacity so it is at 75%. Then resize it so it is very small inside the egg
    20. On layer number 2 reset the opacity so that it as at 50% and resize it so it is just slightly bigger than 3.
    21. Now on layer 1 reset the opacity to 25% and resize it so it is slightly bigger than layer 2.
    22. In the layers box, so far the order going from top to bottom your layers should be….
    -Pink outline
    – 3
    -Shape 1 (the green rectangle)
    – Background
    23. Now you need to blur the layers
    Pink outline: Gaussian blur radius of 5
    3: Radius of 15
    2 and 1: radius of 10
    23. Merge the pink outline, egg, 3, 2, and 1 together by holding down on the shift key and selecting all of them. Right click and select merge!
    24. Now go to the layers and select shape 1.
    25. Go to paint and for the brush select a grass. Cover grass over the ground.
    26. Rename this layer, ground layer
    27. Now, you need to make a shadow.
    28. Go to shape tool (U) and create a black egg like shape that you will use as the shadow.
    29. Put it underneath the egg
    30. Give it a Gaussian blur with a radius of 5. Rename it shadow. Rasterize!!!
    31. Now we need to make a highlight. Go to shaped (U) and make a very small white circle.
    32. Put it on the top edge of the egg and give it a Gaussian blur of 15. Rename it highlight. Rasterize!!!
    33. Now we need to make the sun.
    34. Go to shapes and make a yellow circle. Give it a Gaussian blur as much as necessary to make it look like a sun. Rename it sun. Rasterize!!!!
    35. Put it in the top right hand corner
    36. Now select the background layer
    37. Go to the gradient tool and select the colors white on the right side going left downwards changing to a blue.
    38. Make that the background by starting on the tip of the egg and dragging it upwards to the right hand corner (it should be making a line as you drag it)
    39. Decorate the egg a little more if you wish.
    40. The layers should be in this order going from top to bottom
    – pink outline
    – shadow
    -ground layer
    – background
    41. If yours looks like this, congrats! You’re done! You have created an Easter egg!

  9. jmherring says:

    Sphere Rock tutorial

    1)Make a file 5×5 in, resolution 150. Then fill in your background with black.
    2)Make a grey rectangle by using the shape tool. Make sure it takes up about one third of your page. Rasterize that layer.
    3)Make one light grey circle, then duplicate that layer twice. Fill the two duplicated cirles with white.
    4)Then put the 2 white circles together vertically and put the grey circle in front of it. It should look like the circle has a white outline.
    5) Merge the white circles together by selecting the white circle layers and pressing ctrl E. Name it white outline.
    6) Select the grey circle layer with the magic wand tool. In your layers bar, select the white outline layer. Then press delete. Hide the gray circle layer, and you should have created a white outline.
    7)Duplicate the gray cicle layer three times. Name them 1,2, and 3.
    8) fill in number 3 with the color black. Reset the opacity to 75%. Then resize it to a small circle in the bottom left corner of the circle.
    9) fill in #2 with black. Set the opacity to 50%. Then resize it so that it is a little bigger than “3”
    10) Fill #1 with black and set the opacity to 25%. Resize it so that I’s a little bigger than “2”, but so that you can see the grey circle.

  10. 10 Step Sphere Tutorial by Madison Smith
    1. Open a new file, 5” x 5”, resolution: 150. Name this file anything that has the word “Sphere” in it and use the paint bucket tool (G) to fill the background in with the color black.
    2. Use the shape tool (U) and make a gray rectangle, two white circles and one gray circle. Make sure the circles are all the same size and rasterize every layer but, the background layer.
    3. Now position the two white circles behind the gray circle and make one of the white circle slightly up and the other slightly down by using your arrow keys. Then merge the two white circles in your layers by clicking both of them while holding down shift and then click “Control E” at the same time.
    4. Click on the gray circle with your magic wand tool and then delete the tow white circles by clicking delete on your keyboard. To show that something happened, click the eyeball of the gray circle in your layers and see what you have created.
    5. Now, move the white cutout shapes in front of your gray circle layer (DO THIS IN YOUR LAYERS). Re-name your layers appropriately to what they are. Then, duplicate the gray circle three times and name each layer “1”, “2”, and “3”.
    6. Fill in the layer “3” with the color black and the opacity of 75%. Re-size this to fit in the bottom left corner of the circle. Fill layer “2” in with black and set the opacity to 50% and re-size it to be a little bit bigger than the “3” layer. Fill in layer “1” with black and make the opacity 25%. Then re-size this to be just a bit bigger than layer “2”.
    7. Make sure the white outline fits just inside the gray circle. Now, apply a Gaussian Blur to every layer, except the black background and the gray circle layer. Use these radius settings:
    · White Outline (Gaussian Blur>Radius: 2)
    · 1 and 2 (Gaussian Blur>Radius: 10)
    · 3 (Gaussian Blur>Radius:
    After this, make sure your white outline is the third layer in your layers, just above the gray circle. Now merge all of the layers except for your background and gray rectangle layer.
    8. Put half of the gray circle onto the gray rectangle and use the Elliptical Marquee tool (M) and click and drag the circle shape that will have dotted lines over your sphere.
    9. Then go up to “Select”, click inverse and then hit delete on your keyboard.
    10. Create a drop shadow for your sphere and a highlight in the top right corner.
    11. Lastly, use the magic wand tool and click the gray rectangle then apply a black and white gradient. Do the same to the background and you’re done!

  11. 1. Make a new file in Photoshop with a 5 by 5 radius and 150 resolution.
    2. Fill in the background black.
    3. Insert a gray rectangle on the lower third of the image
    4. Make one gray circle and two white duplicates of it.
    5. Put the two white circles under the gray one.
    6. Move one slightly up and one slightly down then merge the layers.
    7. Using the magic wand tool select the gray circle then switch to the layer of the white circles and hit delete after that hide the gray circle to make sure this process created a white outline.
    8. Make three duplicates of the gray circle fill them in with black and name them 1,2, and 3 then change the opacity of 1 to 75% the opacity of 2 to 50% and the opacity of 3 to 25% and resize them so that they fit inside the white outline with 1 being the smallest and then progressing in size as you go from 2 to 3. Re-size the layer with the white outline so it fits inside the circle
    9. Apply a Gaussian blur of 10 to layer 3 a Gaussian blur of 15 to white outline and a Gaussian blur of 5 to layers 2 and 1 then merge all parts of the circle . select the marquee tool and make a circle around your selection then inverse it by hitting ctl+shift+I then hit delete.
    10. Make a tiny white circle in the top right corner of the sphere and apply a Gaussian blur of 15 to it the white circle layer. Then apply a black to white gradient on the ground layer and the background layer.

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